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CNVC History

The Center For A Non Violent Community is a name change for Mountain Women’s Resource Center as of December 2009. The new name more accurately reflects the range of services and programs we provide to the people we serve including men, teens and children. CNVC was incorporated in 1997 as the Mountain Women’s Resource Center. With a staff of 5, 12 volunteers, an emergency shelter donated by the City of Sonora, and a $300,000 annual budget, domestic violence and sexual assault services were provided for Tuolumne County.

Over the past 12 years, we have expanded our services and programs to include:

  • Transitional housing for up to two years for survivors of domestic violence
  • Prevention programs offered to pre-schools, kindergarten through 9th grade, recreation department, Family Resource Centers, and which provide education and resources to prevent child molestation, bullying, harassment, teen dating violence, date rape, sexual assault, and suicide
  • Counseling by licensed therapists to children who suffer trauma from child abuse, molestation, witnessing domestic violence and witnessing substance abusing parents

We now have a staff of 20, 20 active volunteers, a Fundraising Committee and a budget of $900,000 annually

Scared of your partner's ANGER?

Walking on eggshells? Hiding your bruises? Frightened for your kids? Trapped with no safe place to go?

Have you been RAPED?

Are you keeping it a shameful secret? Do you think no one will believe you? Do you believe it is your fault?

Were you MOLESTED as a child?

Does it still haunt you? Wondering if you will ever get over it?

End the Suffering
Call Us Now 24-hr Crisis Line 209-533-3401
or toll-free 1-800-454-4766
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