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Know your Child’s Rights

Working with the school

  • Keep a written record of all bullying incidents that your child reports to you.
  • Record the names of the children involved, where, when and what happened.
  • Immediately ask to meet with your child’s classroom teacher and explain your concerns.
  • Ask the teacher how they will address the bullying.
  • Seek out the school counselor if your child exhibits stress.
  • Set up a follow up appointment with the teacher to discuss progress.
  • If there is no improvement after reporting bullying to your child’s teacher, speak with the school principal.
  • Keep notes from your meetings with teachers and administrators.

What can you expect staff at your child’s school to do about bullying?

  • School staff investigates the bullying immediately.
  • Notification of what actions will be taken.
  • An information gathering meeting with your child and then with the bully.
  • A joint meeting with your child and the child who bullied them should Never happen.

Interacting with the school’s staff

  • Allow reasonable time to investigate and hear both sides of the story.
  • If bullying continues, write to the school’s principal and include evidence from your notes to back up your complaint.
  • If you are not satisfied with their responsiveness, write to your school superintendent for assistance.
  • Be persistent. You may need to keep speaking out about bullying.

When should law enforcement become involved?

  • If another child has physically assaulted your child or is seriously threatening them with bodily injury.
  • If the problem persists or escalates, and your school officials are unable to stop the bullying you may want to consult an attorney.
  • Ask the school to keep a written record of all offenses committed against your child in case law enforcement officials need the information for further complaints.

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