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LGBTQ Partner Violence

Violence doesn’t discriminate
Neither does CNVC

Whether a couple is same-sex or opposite-sex, abuse is abuse, whether it’s words, controlling, emotional abuse or physical abuse. Here are some concerns that you may have if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, queer, if you are questioning your sexuality or if you are not heterosexual:

  • Your partner may threaten to out your sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status as a control tactic.
  • You may feel like you are betraying your community by reporting or getting help, or you may be scared to report because the LGBTQ community is closeted and so small that you are afraid of losing your friends or support system or that friends will take sides.
  • If you are closeted, getting services or calling police means you have to make the difficult decision to out yourself. If you come to talk to us, your sexual identity and everything you say to us in private is confidential. We cannot tell anyone without your written permission.
  • You may be afraid that you will face prejudice and hateful words at a time when you are very vulnerable and need understanding.
  • You may already know that LGBTQ violence is surrounded by myths (i.e. same-sex battering is mutual, women are never violent, or that victims like the abuse).
  • You may worry about how people in the LGBTQ communities will react if you get help, and if friends would choose sides or not want to talk to you or will talk about you.
  • You may be afraid that you are not eligible for a domestic violence shelter. We will give you shelter or find you shelter if you are in an abusive and unsafe situation.
  • Your partner may convince you that you will lose custody of your children if you report.

Abuse is abuse, whether the partners are heterosexual or not! Talk to us. We can give you a confidential place to talk about your abuse, your fears and your concerns. We can help you with restraining orders and custody issues and going to court. We will not tell you what to do. We will give you options so you can decide what is best for you.

Scared of your partner's ANGER?

Walking on eggshells? Hiding your bruises? Frightened for your kids? Trapped with no safe place to go?

Have you been RAPED?

Are you keeping it a shameful secret? Do you think no one will believe you? Do you believe it is your fault?

Were you MOLESTED as a child?

Does it still haunt you? Wondering if you will ever get over it?

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