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Types of Domestic Violence

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is when your partner uses force against you such as hitting you, pushing you, knocking you down, choking you and any other way they can use their body or another object to injure you.

Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Your partner makes threats to hurt you, themselves, the children, your pets, report you to social services, says you won’t get visitation, or they will take the children, or have you deported. Says everything is your fault, calls you names, put downs, isolates you from your family and friends, destroys your property.

Economic Abuse

If your partner prevents you from getting or keeping a job, controls all the money so you have to ask for it, takes your money, gives you an allowance, or doesn’t let you know about or have access to the family income.

Sexual Abuse

Your partner forces sex on you when you do not want it or forces you to perform sexual acts you do not want to do. Being married doesn’t change the fact that this is sexual abuse or rape.

Scared of your partner's ANGER?

Walking on eggshells? Hiding your bruises? Frightened for your kids? Trapped with no safe place to go?

Have you been RAPED?

Are you keeping it a shameful secret? Do you think no one will believe you? Do you believe it is your fault?

Were you MOLESTED as a child?

Does it still haunt you? Wondering if you will ever get over it?

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