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Teen Dating Violence

More than 1 in 10 teens experience physical violence in their dating relationships. Many more experience emotional or psychological abuse from their dates or partners.

Violence is pushing, smacking, punching, pinching, biting, restraining, forcing you into sex, bullying, name calling and put-downs, jealousy, grabbing or anything else that hurts you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

People who abuse usually come from violent homes, blame others for making them angry, don’t know other ways of handling their feelings.

People who are abused make excuses for their partner’s or date’s behavior, think any partner is better than being alone, accept the blame even if it’s not their fault, believe that if they love the abuser enough, they’ll change.

Warning Signs

  • you are scared when you are with your partner
  • your partner controls you by being bossy, giving orders, making all the decisions and not respecting your opinions, being jealous of who you talk to
  • you are worried about how your partner will react to the things you say or do
  • your partner humiliates or embarrasses you in front of others
  • you are lying about how you got bruises, scratches, or other injuries to people who care about you

If you are in a violent relationship…

You are not alone. You may feel alone, but you are not. You are not the only person who has been involved in an abusive relationship.

The abuse is not your fault. The person who hurt you is making a choice to hurt you. There is never an excuse for hurting another person. The abuse is not your fault. It is the fault of the person who hurts you.

Trust your feelings. You know yourself. If you are feeling scared or unsafe or uncomfortable, trust those feelings. You have the right to feel safe in a dating relationship.

Get some help and support for yourself. Surround yourself with people who will support you. Contact the Center for a Non-Violent Community for help.

Learn safety skills. Make a plan for how to get yourself to safety if your partner or dates becomes violent. Learn how to use cell phones, e-mail, and social networking sites safely

Scared of your partner's ANGER?

Walking on eggshells? Hiding your bruises? Frightened for your kids? Trapped with no safe place to go?

Have you been RAPED?

Are you keeping it a shameful secret? Do you think no one will believe you? Do you believe it is your fault?

Were you MOLESTED as a child?

Does it still haunt you? Wondering if you will ever get over it?

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