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Teens and Sexual Violence

A healthy relationship does not include pressure to have sex, does not make sex hurt, does not make sex humiliating. Going on a date does not give either person the right to force or expect sex from the other and certainly does not give anyone the right to rape anyone, regardless of the level of intoxication or drug use of either person.

Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual contact or sexual attention committed by force, threats, bribes, manipulation, pressure, tricks, or violence.

It is not your fault. It doesn’t matter whether you are dating, in a relationship, have said ‘yes’ before or earlier in the activity, if you then say ‘no’ and you are forced into sexual contact against your will, it is a sexual assault.

Rape or sexual violence is never your fault, even if you are intoxicated.

Alcohol is the most readily available date rape drug. Sometimes other odorless and tasteless illegal drugs or prescription drugs may be added to the alcohol you are drinking and cause your judgment, ability to resist, or even ability to stay awake or conscious to be dramatically affected.

You may have been a victim of sexual violence while you are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs if you

  • Have a gut feeling you had sex but can’t remember clearly what happened
  • Remember part of the night, but not much else afterward
  • Feel like you were or still are a whole lot more drunk or affected than you normally would be by the amount of alcohol or drugs you consumed

Regardless of underage drinking or other illegal activity, if you decide to report a sexual assault to law enforcement, they will investigate only (per Penal Code 13823.11) the crime you are reporting.

Even if you do not want to report sexual assault or rape to law enforcement, for your own health and safety, we urge you to get medical treatment for possible sexually transmitted diseases, injuries or potential pregnancy.

Call the CNVC 24 hour Crisis Line right away if you believe you were a victim of sexual violence while under the influence. 209-533-3401 or 1-800-454-4766.

Our crisis line is anonymous. You do not have to give your name to talk about your situation.

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