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CNVC is located at 19043 B Standard Road, Sonora
Office hours: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

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The Center For A Non Violent Community actively supports the right of all people to live their lives free from interpersonal violence. We foster healthy relationships with self, partners, family and peers. We value the feminist principals of self-empowerment over self-desertion and of shared decision-making over dominance. We are ardently dedicated to building community which is interdependent, collaborative, respectful of diversity, and supportive of peaceful solutions to conflict.


  • To foster a healthy and violence-free community
  • To change social norms which contribute to the acceptance of violence and discrimination
  • To partner within the community to create safety and healing for those surviving violence
  • To impact policies that enhance equal rights, community health, and the prevention of personal and interpersonal violence
  • To promote programs which build personal empowerment and self worth, and contribute to political and social equality while respecting diversity


  1. Provide education and prevention activities to the community that reduce the incidence of physical, sexual, emotional violence towards children, each other, and ourselves
  2. Provide primary prevention activities which contribute to changing social norms regarding violence, gender inequality, or discrimination
  3. Provide intervention and advocacy services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, child abuse, community violence, and gender inequality
  4. Provide information, education, training, and personal growth opportunities for community members in order to improve their quality of life
  5. Facilitate systems and policy changes in order to improve the economic, social, and psychological quality of life for the community
  6. Coordinate and collaborate with other national, state, and local institutions and organizations in achieving these goals

Scared of your partner's ANGER?

Walking on eggshells? Hiding your bruises? Frightened for your kids? Trapped with no safe place to go?

Have you been RAPED?

Are you keeping it a shameful secret? Do you think no one will believe you? Do you believe it is your fault?

Were you MOLESTED as a child?

Does it still haunt you? Wondering if you will ever get over it?

End the Suffering
Call Us Now 24-hr Crisis Line 209-533-3401
or toll-free 1-800-454-4766
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